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a brief history

     NEW INDIA DIGEST was first published in 1987 in Hong Kong. It was at that time an official publication of the Indian Commission brought out with the idea of increasing awareness abroad of the positive developments in India in different areas.

     The first issue with a print run of just 1000 - was published with the support of the Indian community in Hong Kong. It was enthusiastically supported by the community there and came to be circulated in different parts of the world.

     In due course, Chinese and Portuguese versions came to be published which were extensively circulated in China and Macao.

     In 1989, NEW INDIA DIGEST came to be published from Kenya. It proved equally successful and popular there too, and a Swahili version was started.

     In 1991, the journal ceased to be an official publication brought out by an independent, non-profit trust called the Indian Digest Foundation, which is registered as a society and as a trust in Pune, India, from where it was published. The Foundation has a Board of Trustees comprising seven members.

     In the fifteen years of its publication, NEW INDIA DIGEST came to be circulated in over 90 countries of the world. The sample comments that it elicited from eminent individuals, both in India and abroad, speak for themselves.

     The journal has had an extensive following in some 500 high schools, colleges and universities, both in India and abroad. It was found to be useful in enabling the younger generation to see the evolution of contemporary India in the right perspective and in motivating them to higher levels of excellence.

     In the year 2001, NEW INDIA DIGEST began to face financial difficulties as the economic slowdown began to affect companies that had so far supported it. Despite some generous donations, the response to appeals for help did not prove adequate for its survival, and the last issue published was the January-February, 2002, issue.

     Subscribers were informed of the decision and refunds are being made promptly of the amounts due on account of the unutilised portion of subscriptions. It was heart-warming to see the large number of donors that donated amounts due to them to charity and to the India Digest Foundation.

     Many subscribers expressed regret and shock over the closure of the print version and their comments speak volumes for the popularity and utility of the journal. Plans are therefore afoot to bring the magazine online and should this materialise previous subscribers and others will be duly notified, directly and through this web-site. Meanwhile, some of the best articles from previous issues of the journal are being reproduced periodically.


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